Double-Sided Grill Efficiency: How Taylor’s Grills are Revolutionizing the Foodservice Industry

Double-Sided Grill Efficiency: How Taylor’s Grills are Revolutionizing the Foodservice Industry

In the fast-paced world of foodservice, time and efficiency are crucial to a restaurant’s success. This is where Taylor’s double-sided grills come in. These innovative grills have a unique design that allows for simultaneous cooking on both sides, saving time and improving efficiency in the kitchen. Taylor’s double-sided grills are at the forefront of this technology and are revolutionizing the way restaurants cook their menu items.

How Double-Sided Grills Work

Taylor’s double-sided grills have two separate cooking surfaces – an upper platen, and a lower platen. This enhances food quality and safety through full-contact cooking which ensure even and consistent cooking on both sides. This full-contact cooking method results in a juicier and more flavorful end product, as the food retains its natural juices and flavors.

In addition to enhancing food quality, Taylor’s double-sided grills also cook up to 50% faster than standard flat top cooking methods that require flipping. This means less wait time and more productivity. The double-sided grills also eliminate the need for flipping, reducing the risk of cross contamination, and ensuring that the food is cooked safely and thoroughly.

Benefits of Double-Sided Grills

One of the most significant benefits of Taylor’s double-sided grills is the ability to increase efficiency in the kitchen. With the ability to cook on both sides of the item in less time than usual, restaurants can reduce wait times for customers and improve productivity in the kitchen. This means that more orders can be fulfilled in less time, resulting in happier customers and increased revenue.

Another benefit of double-sided grills is that they allow for greater flexibility in menu offerings. Restaurants can cook a variety of different items simultaneously in different cooking zones, even if they require different cooking times and temperatures. Having separate cooking zones also prevents flavor crossover that usually happens when two different types of food are cooked in the same plate. This enables restaurants to expand their menu offerings without having to invest in additional cooking equipment.


Taylor’s double-sided grills are a game changer for the foodservice industry. By providing greater efficiency and flexibility, double-sided grills are helping restaurants meet their business goals and improve customer satisfaction. If you’re looking to take your restaurant kitchen operations to the next level, consider investing in Taylor’s double-sided grills. Your customers (and your staff) will thank you.

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