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Henny Penny first introduced commercial pressure frying to the food service industry 50 years ago. Today, Henny Penny commercial pressure fryers continue to lead the industry in performance, durability and innovation. Frying under pressure enables lower cooking temperatures and faster cooking times. The additional pressure also helps seal in the food’s natural juices and reduce absorption of frying oil into product, making Henny Penny fryers a good fit for any kind of restaurant.. Results of pressure frying generally produce a product with less fat and more flavor than other frying methods.

What are Pressure Fryers?
Commercial pressure frying and open frying are similar, except that after food is placed into the hot oil, a lid is lowered over the fry pot and sealed to create a pressurized cooking environment. Pressure frying produces the most consistently flavorful product and is faster than any other method when cooking in higher volumes.
Benefits of Using Henny Penny Pressure Fryers

  1. Seals in moisture and flavor for every product
  2. Yields a healthier, more delicious product
  3. Produces consistent results every time
  4. Faster cooking times even in higher volumes
  5. Manufactured with heavy-duty stainless steel
  6. Has a 7-year fry pot warranty

Velocity Series Pressure Fryers

✔ 25% less oil   ✔ Automatically replenishes oil   ✔ Automatic Pressure Lock   ✔ High-efficiency heating for fast recovery

Henny Penny_Velocity Series Pressure Fryer PXE 100

PXE 100 Pressure fryer

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Henny Penny_Velocity Series Open Fryer OXE 100

OXE 100 Open fryer

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PFE 500/PFG 600 Pressure Fryer

✔ Lid stays sealed until pressure reaches 1 psi   ✔ Onboard filtration   ✔ Narrow footprint saves wall space

Henny Penny_PFE 500

PFE 500 Electric

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Henny Penny_PFE 561

PFE 561 Electric

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High Volume Pressure Fryer

✔ 8-head chicken or 24 lb (11 kg) of food per load   ✔ Fast recovery in electric and gas units   ✔ Onboard filtration

Henny Penny_High Volume Pressure Fryers PFE 591

PFE 591 Electric

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