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Broaster Equipment

Broaster takes an unique approach to what they build and how they build it. Every piece of equipment is designed with the operator in mind meaning that it is built to deliver or market high quality menu items with the ease of operations and maximum efficiency. To really learn more about how Broaster equipment can help your business schedule a demo to get a hands on experience!

Broaster Pressure Fryers

Broaster Pressure Fryer

Better product. Lower operating cost.

Our state-of-the-art pressure fryers cook foods under controlled pressure in a sealed environment resulting in:

  • More tender, juicy and flavorful foods
  • Less oil absorption and reduced overall oil usage
  • Faster cooking times and lower energy costs
  • Greater food production per machine for a better ROI

Broaster Pressure Fryers are known around the world for quality, high output and years of dependable, trouble-free operation. Learn about the features and benefits that can help set your business apart.

Learn why pressure frying chicken and other foods can be smart business.


Ventless Countertop Fryers

Broaster Ventless Countertop Fryer

Broaster VF-2 & Broaster VF-3

Ultra-compact, self-venting fryer fits a small footprint and requires no outside venting to operate.

  • Proven round well design assures even heat distribution
  • Built-in fire suppression, self-check and safety systems
  • Unique high basket capacity for more product per load
  • Self-contained vapor filtering system





Ventless Hood Systems (for Pressure Fryers)

Broaster Ventless Hood

Compact, easy to install stainless steel hood eliminates the need for costly outside venting systems.

  • Meets vapor removal requirements for all current Broaster Pressure Fryer models
  • Ideal for preparing food served in convenience stores, taverns and other operations with limited space.



Hood System

Heated Display Cases

Broaster Heated Display Case

Designer Series Heated Merchandisers

Ideal for operators with limited counter space. Holds food at the perfect temperature.

  • Single and two-tier models available.


Standard Series Heated Merchandisers

High-capacity countertop merchandisers pair with Broaster modules for effective display.

  • Heated to keep food at ideal temperature
  • Mechanical timers and light control for each row of pans
  • Easy to clean with hinged front glass panel