Henny Penny SmartHold Humidified Holding Cabinets

Henny Penny Smarthold Humidified Holding Cabinets

Henny Penny SmartHoldĀ® humidified holding cabinets are designed to hold a wide range of foods within ideal temperature and humidity conditions for long periods of time prior to serving. Extraordinary humidity control means you can hold practically any type of food for exceptionally long periods of time without sacrificing freshness or presentation. This translates into higher food quality and less waste throughout the day.



DSL Northwest Holding Cabinets

Model HHC-990
Product Offerings: Full-sized holding cabinet with recessed water pan holds up to 15 full-sized sheet pans for long lasting freshness.
Features: High-quality stainless steel interior and exterior, Patented closed loop humidity control, programmable countdown timers with single switch start/stop/abort, manual override and power-out memory, constant digital humidity/temperature display and more.



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