Henny Penny Island Merchandisers

Henny Penny Island Merchandisers

Henny Penny heated island merchandisers let you expand your deli out into the store, where shoppers can select pre-packaged, pre-priced items without waiting in line. Excellent heating capacity from upper and lower heat sources are built into an attractive island case that holds and displays hot food and/or packaged meals with customer self-service from both sides.



Model HMI 103/HMI 105 Island Merchandiser
Product Offerings: Expands deli into store, load with popular hot, fresh menu items straight from deli offering self-service to the customer.
Features: 3-well or 5-well lengths, bases available in profile or pedestal styles in several heights and colors, hinged glass lifts for easy cleaning, and more.
Accessories Optional: See specification document



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