Henny Penny ClassicCombi


Looking for the perfect restaurant oven? Henny Penny ClassicCombi™ combi ovens use moist heat and dry heat, either separately or in combination, to produce the ideal cooking conditions for a wide variety of foods. Four basic cooking modes employ a variety of built-in functions in different ways: Steam/Moist heat, Convection cooking/Dry heat, Combination/Dry and moist heat and Rethermalizing/Dry and moist heat. Henny Penny bridges the gap between broiler and broilerless combis with patented Advanced Stem Technology. Contact us today and see why Henny Penny ovens are considered a premier commercial oven.



Model ECC-115/GCC-115 ClassicCombi Oven
Electric or Gas
Product Offerings: Capacity of 10 full-sized steam table pans or 10 Crosewise Plus pans and grids
Features: Core temperature probe, Patented Advanced Steam Technology for effective steam generation without boilers, easy operate control panel, dial settings, LED readouts and icons, manual cooking parameter input.
Options: See specification document




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