Fusion Frozen Tea

Fusion Frozen Tea

Fusion Frozen Tea brings a new twist to the booming ice tea market. Brew your own tea and simply add our base to create your base flavor then let your customer decide what flavor they want to add! This combination offers a highly profitable menu idea that appeals to a broad demographic.

fusion-frozen-teaFusion Frozen Tea is a freshly brewed, naturally caffeinated ice tea slush beverage. The tea is naturally sweetened and vitamin C and natural lemon flavor are added. Both bases are all natural and made fresh daily. The flavor burst cabinet will be hidden below the counter in most applications. If the sides of the Taylor 432 are visible, we can wrap them with additional graphics.

The newest flavor burst unit features a touch screen display with full graphics and video capability. We can use this to emphasize the flavor customization options. (Note: the design shown would be changed to match the program) Two base tea flavors will be offered, regular black tea and a green tea option.

The flavor burst injection unit allows for five flavor customization to be added to either barrel.

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