Five Essential Efficiencies To Optimize Menus

15 August 2017

Our clients employ us to improve their bottom line by creating efficiencies across their operation.  It is rarely one isolated issue that is causing the problem; we tend to see lots of interconnections between kitchen equipment, labor usage, processes, design and operation layout.

The following five essential efficiencies are the key ingredients to drive profitability:

1.Efficient labor usage.

The less efficient the line cooks are, the lower the profitability.  On a daily basis we are seeing a number of challenges around labor usage including:

– New line cooks are put straight on the line instead of a normal progression through the kitchen causing them to execute without proper training.

– Labor shortages are requiring line cooks to execute more stations and cooking methods. This multi-tasking reduces the efficiency and increases the opportunity for variables to enter into processes as cooks look to minimize ticket times with unapproved shortcuts.

2. Efficient processes.

– There are too many kitchens relying on complex processes to deliver menus.  This might be utilizing too many cooking apparatus or deploying too many people to create dishes.

– Technology is seeing new labor-saving devices where it’s possible to cook a whole recipe at the touch of a button e.g. Lainox Naboo or Taylor Grill.

– Cook and hold technologies allow for overnight cooking of items that have historically required a cook on premise and overseeing the cooking of roasts, entrees, etc.

3. Efficient layout.

– Is your cookline designed for your menu or are you making due with what was an effective system for a menu designed 4+ years ago?

– Our trained experts have years of operational experience and foodservice equipment experience. If we do not have a specific solution to help you execute your menu as optimally as possible we certainly know those who can help.

4. Efficiency of equipment.

– We often advise our clients to switch to more efficient equipment that can save money through energy, time and ingredient savings.

– For example, a Broaster Pressure Fryer is 35-40% more efficient than an Open Fryer because it uses less cooking oil, and cooks the food in a fraction of the time while still delivering on taste and quality.

– We feature solutions that can reduce cook times by as much as 80% while still delivering excellent quality and consistency to your customers.

5. Efficient beverage operations.

– Beverages are an excellent way to boost the bottom line using minimal labor. Are you already featuring a high volume of frozen blended drinks, hand dipped shakes, frozen beverages?

– There are a number of new technology-driven solutions that can help to improve speed of service, increased profitability and expand menu offerings that ultimately enhance the customer experience and profitability of your business.


To increase efficiencies across your own operation, call us at DLS Northwest for a free consultation and help us to optimize your menu and drive the bottom line.